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Artistic Director No Home But The Heart Workshops & Residencies Mythic Dance Cycles jiibayaabooz: Light In The Underworld


This video highlights selected moments from an illustrated talk and dance describing a method for understanding the beginning elements of the Anishinaabe Medicine Wheel. It is called ‘medicine’ because it can bring healing to the people. These elements were first learned by the presenter Daystar/Rosalie Jones from Edna Manitowabi, Anishinaabe Elder, ceremonial leader and professor Emeritus of the Indigenous Studies Department, Trent University. Although there are many teachings within the Medicine Wheel, the elements passed on here are in the public domain and have been used to great benefit as a teaching tool within the Chanie Wenjack School of Indigenous Studies to allow both students and faculty a way of finding how to “live the good life”, expressed as “Mno-Bimadziwin” by the Anishinaabeg of eastern Canada. Publication of an article on the creative process of this choreography: Journal of Movement, Dance and Spiritualities, Vol.4, No. 2, 2017, “Dancing the Four Directions: The Spirit of Intuition”.


Daystar explores the paths of the Circle to tell a personal story of journey and discovery: East as Water and life beginnings, West as Earth in woman and family, South as Deer and growth, North as Eagle in fulfillment and passing beyond our world.

EAST~ Water: The Journey of Youth
WEST~ Earth: The Achievement of Womanhood
SOUTH~ Deer: Becoming the Artist
NORTH~ Eagle: Embracing the Passage

Daystar/Rosalie Jones is available to present this specialized, one-of-a-kind presentation for a limited time. The materials are given vitality and substance through verbal, graphic and danced mediums. Can be presented in non-theatrical venues.

Illustrated talk (30 minutes), danced presentation (15 minutes), Q&A (as needed) for a one hour or longer presentation. See video above for selected scenes.

Performance fees, travel and per diem are negotiable for schools and charitable entities.

Contact Daystar/Rosalie Jones for more information.
Email:     Phone: 585-471-5481





1115 E. Main St, Unit 2, A-409
Rochester, NY 14609
Ph: 585-471-5481/585-313-5872 (cell)







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